Tuesday, May 24, 2011

similarities vs DIFFERENCES !

I would like to share something between me and a friend of mine , who shared same interest with me which is music and photography . Glad to know that we are in love with the same interest . But I am very glad to know that you are very strong when your C R U S H asked for your opinion on her C R U S H . hey , kenape u kuat sgt ? kenape i xley jdik cm u ? i nk jdik cm u oke ? i cant bear this anymore . asyek rse cm nk nanges tp tahan je . pastu asyek layan lagu sad korean . tp siyes ckp glad to know that u are fine . klaw u kuat , i pon akan usaha utk jd kuat . so tolonglah kuat ! yp pntg NOTHING'S OVER yet ! oke ? ;)


  1. hey there, u knoe what. both of u are strong. if i were on your shoes, i am definitely will let go of my love and find another person. but, both of u ? hmm, just hang on. there will be your day soon. rainbow soon will come again. :)